The Buckland B3 Motor
Our website is currently under construction.

The Buckland B3 Motor Company (BBMC) was founded in September 2019 by Tony Pearson, Danny Hodgson and John Scruton. The company has bought the Buckland B3 rights and supply of chassis, bodies and moulds from the Penguin Speed Shop and has a manufacturing facility near Leeds.

They aim to construct the first BBMC Buckland B3 trike in 2020 and are able to support and supply parts to owners of existing Buckland trikes should this service be required.

The Buckland B3 trike was designed and manufactured by Dick Buckland in the 1970’s and 80’s as his modern development of the Morgan F type three wheeler concept.

It is very well engineered and achieving racing success and the admiration of motoring journalists. Should you be interested in acquiring one of these iconic trikes, please contact

The website will be launched in June 2020.

Thank you for your interest.
Keep an eye on the BBMC Facebook feed to see developments during the coming year.